A downloadable step-sequencer for Windows

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HopLight is a sound manipulation tool|toy of a sort,. providing a unique interface to a digital audio synthesis and effects array, including stochastic logic.

Chase Light style Step Sequencers are a quick and fun way to compose music. HopLight adds Logic Steps to the traditional Trigger Steps creating an interesting system to compose algorithmic polyrhythmic long-cycle tunes & beats.

This release is a work in progress,. Buy it now to get all future updates for the currently low low price,. ;)

There are 10 save slots (on the number keys) each holds a full screen of grid to program into. These can be switch on the fly,. The HopLights (or "play-heads") are independent of the programming of the Step Grid. These are added and removed dynamically, allowing the composer to interact with the music in a vast variety of ways.

Currently the sound generation is fixed in an embedded SunVox modular network. Controls for the sound synthesis are on the ToDo list. As well as the more note generation options,. grid location determines notes, however Turing Machine sequencers are coming soon. Trigger Steps for one of six different sources,. one drum synth (generating 120 synthesized sounds) and 5 different synth voices.

Tempo range is from 1 to 500 BPM.

Keyboard and Mouse controls or Keyboard only option.

Comes with 10 sample programs to get you going.

SunVox modular synthesizer
Copyright (c) 2008 - 2016, Alexander Zolotov <nightradio@gmail.com>, WarmPlace.ru
Ogg Vorbis 'Tremor' integer playback codec
Copyright (c) 2002, Xiph.org Foundation


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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